Education & Outreach

The CARMMHA outreach plan was shaped by GoMRI’s mission to improve society’s ability to understand, respond, and mitigate impacts of petroleum pollution and related stressors on the marine and coastal ecosystems, with an emphasis on conditions found in the GoM.

The scientific knowledge gained through CARMMHA research objectives will be informative to ongoing restoration efforts, resource management, and mitigation efforts aimed at reducing the effects of stressors on marine mammal populations and improving the long-term environmental health of the Gulf of Mexico.

Whether you are a student, researcher, resource manager, or local community member interested in dolphin health, you can find the resources you need to make a difference here!

The northern Gulf of Mexico is home to 22 species of marine mammals, including manatees in coastal seagrasses and dolphins and whales in estuarine, nearshore, and offshore habitats.  At least 15 cetacean species were exposed to the DWH surface slick. Cetaceans that encountered the slick likely inhaled, aspirated, ingested, and/or adsorbed oil.

CARMMHA Outreach Focus Areas

Scientific Community

Restoration Community

Youth Education

General Public

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